Punjab Examination Commission

Punjab Examination Commission

Punjab Examination Commission is Autonomous body which is set up by Government of Punjab to uniform the ducation System and examine the students learning achievements particularly of grade V and VIII. PEC has following responsibilities and activities:

Punjab Examination Commission History

PEC established in 2005 and conduct 5th class population examination for the first time in the history of Province Punjab. It is the autonomous body working under the Punjab Examination Commission Act XI of 2010 to improve the elementary education system of province.

Punjab Examination Commission Mission

The Mission is to develop a system that ensures quality education in province by having valid information about learning capabilities of students and other services which are helpful for students to excel in every department of life.

Punjab Examination Commission Vision

Commission is working with aim to provide the provide a fair education system and introduce the latest educational streams to compete the future requirement and to stand between other world as a educated society.

PEC Registration

Punjab Examination Commission normally start the registration of students after the vacations of summer. Registration for the year 2014 has been ended on 10th of October 2013. The registration is free of cost. It is compulsory for every student to appear in these exams incase to proceed in next class.

PEC Model Papers

Commission has provided the model papers of English Part A, B, Islamiat Part A, B, Math Urdu/English medium Part A, B, Science Urdu/English medium Part A,B, Social Study Urdu/English medium Part A, B, Urdu Part A, B to understand the format of papers and preparation of exams.

PEC Date Sheet

After the completion of registration commission member make sure the arrangements of exams and prepare the PEC Date Sheet 5th 8th class. Normally the date sheet available for students to check online in the first week of month January.

PEC Roll Number Slips

Almost one month before the 5th and 8th grade examination PEC issues the roll numbers to all students to all those who registered in the their respective districts for 5th Class and 8th Class Examinations. You need to have these information in case you want to check the roll number slip.

  1. District Name
  2. Tehsil
  3. Name
  4. Father Name
  5. Gender
  6. Date of Birth

PEC 5th Class Result

After the completion of above mention steps examination conducted in the month of February  first week. After that it takes 1 month 15 days to 1 month 25 days to announce the PEC 5th Class Result.  Commission Announce PEC 5th Class result District Wise, Tasil Wise, School Wise, Roll Number Wise and Name wise on 31st March 2014.

PEC 8th Class Result

PEC 8th class result will announce on 31st of March 2014 which examination has been conducted in the 2nd week of month February.  Commission Announce PEC 8th Class result District Wise, Tasil Wise, School Wise, Roll Number Wise and Name wise on 31st March 2014.

Punjab Examination Commission Districts List:

Attock Jhang Narowal
Bahawalnagar Kasur Okara
Bahawalpur Khanewal Pakpattan
Bhakkar Khushab Rahimyar Khan
Chakwal Lahore Rajanpur
Chiniot Layyah Rawalpindi
D G Khan Lodhran Sahiwal
Faisalabad Mandi Bahauddin Sargodha
Gujranwala Mianwali Sialkot
Gujrat Multan Toba Tek Singh
Hafizabad Muzaffargarh Vehari
Jehlum Nankana Sahib

Punjab Examination Commission (PEC) Functions

  • Design, develop, implement, maintain, monitor and evaluate a system of examination for elementary education
  • Formulate policy and programme for the conduct of examinations relating to elementary education
  • Collect data for research to improve curricula and teaching methodology
  • Recommend measures for capacity building of the teachers and educationists for improving the system of assessment of students
  • Identify the areas where improvement in training of the teachers or educationists is required
  • Promote public discussions on issues pertaining to elementary education
  • Advise the Government on all policy matters relating to the objectives of the Commission
  • Approve annual research programme and annual budget of the Commission
  • Perform such other functions as may be ancillary to its functions, or as may be prescribed or asmay be assigned by the Government.

 The Commission may:

  1. Issue instructions or guidelines to a local government for data collection and conduct of an examination of elementary education
  2. Register students for the purpose of examinations of elementary education and maintain their data
  3. Conduct and outsource research in the sphere of an examination of elementary education.

Contact Detail of Punjab Examination Commission

Punjab Examination Commission, Wahdat Road, Lahore, Punjab. Tel: +92 42 9926 0151-6 Official Website: pec.edu.pk If you want any further information regarding, PEC Model Papers, PEC Date Sheets, PEC 5th 8th class Result, PEC Roll Number slips then you can also visit: Punjab Examination Commission

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Punjab Examination Commission Background

Punjab Examination Commission Background

Punjab Education commission was founded back in 2006 but before its establishment, there was not a satisfactory system for conducting the examinations for Grade V and Grade VIII in Punjab. Previous system was organized by the Director Public Instructions DPI.

The institution provided the general instructions along with the model question paper so that the Executive District Education Officers in major districts of the province can develop the question paper by themselves. They were also responsible for the conductance of the examinations at their local level as well. Activity plans, dates and schedule for the exam was instructed by DPI though.

Following were the drawbacks of the previous system.

  1. Question papers were not according to the given curriculum at different places.
  2. There was a lot of variety in different areas. Many areas needed betterment in paper setting, marking and difficulty level.
  3. The result could not be compared as every district had its own criteria and had different papers. Although the comparison among different schools was possible if they had taken the same examination under one district.
  4. ·The quality of the overall examination system had many different levels and had many variations.

These were the major cause which worked as a working force in the way of development of a body which was able to access the learning ability of the students of the whole province at once. The need of an institution was felt back in December 2005 and on 16th January 2006, with the approval of the governor of the province, “Punjab Examination Commission” was formed.The only task of the body was to establish a new system for the examination of Grade V and Grade VII in Punjab Province.
The very first step took by this new organization was the conductance of Grade V Examination for year 2006. International consultants were asked to train the paper setters and scheme making. Two prominent names are Dr. Ken and Dr. Ted who helped the organization with the training through the collaboration with UNICEF. Training to the field staff was also conducted at the local level by professional trainers.

In this way a uniform system was established and same paper was conducted in all over the province which helped in easy accessing the learning ability and comparison among the districts. Following are the outcomes which were achieved by the formation of PEC.
  1. ·         Comparison of results based on area, gender and schools sector was made possible.
  2. ·         Those areas which need special care and administration were mentioned.
  3. ·         Those areas where teachers needed training came to day light.
  4. ·         The dark holes of content of text books were identified.
  5. ·         Those areas where more support was required in terms of teachers or funds were identified.
  6. ·         Those areas which were successful already came to light.
  7. ·         The quality of education in different areas of the province was noted.

PEC is also responsible for arranging trainings about different topics like subject specialties, paper setting and marking techniques, new methodology of teaching having interactive teaching and activity based learning. Mainly the head teachers were trained by PEC and they then shared their knowledge with other teachers at their schools.

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